Following rigorous guidelines in the medical field is critical because you are dealing with people’s lives. Online Pharmaz adheres to a strong anti-spam policy, and we never accept or supply unsolicited advertising messages or uncertified drugs.

Due to a growth in online fraud in the medical industry, many customers are subjected to spam and frequently complain about receiving spam emails or promotional emails after placing their order. Online Pharmaz ensures that appropriate action is taken against spammers who mislead customers, resulting in account closure or discontinuation of services.

If you receive such promotional communications or offers in your email, instant messenger, newsgroups chat rooms, message board, or anyplace else, please send us an email and we will take strict action against the guilty. Online Pharmaz is devoted to combating spam and fraud that hurt our valued clients.

Online Pharmaz maintains and stores data on spam offenders, which we share with anti-spam organisations and agencies in order to take action against them. We protect our clients by adhering to strict spam regulations and guidelines, as well as legal requirements.

All of our customers’ data is kept safe and secure by our significantly improved systems and software.

Report Spam / Unsubscribe

If you get any unsolicited advertising emails, false material, or messages that you suspect were sent by an Online Pharmaz user or after using our services, you must notify us immediately.

You can supply us with your email address or simply raise your issue in our Chat option 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our official will immediately provide you with a remedy, and we will take strict action against them and begin the investigation as soon as feasible. We will also assist you in unsubscribing from such annoying spam emails or communications.

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