It is difficult to come across reliable as well as safe online pharmacies, given the fraudulent and illegitimate activities nowadays, but very few survive due to their authenticity. Online Pharmaz as one of the leading online pharmacies continues to amaze people and leave an indelible imprint in the form of discounts, affordable prices, quality, efficacy, and whatnot. 

Online pharmaz takes care of its customers with everything it takes in terms of efforts, promises, and innovations. For a credible online pharmacy to constantly evolve, it is essential to ponder the needs of customers and provide them with the best medicines. In addition, our customer support team is just a call away from patients and can serve them the best to keep them gratified. 

Your medicine may change over time or you may recover from your bad medical conditions but we retain your records, ensuring you had the best online shopping experience with us. We perpetually strive to update our policies for unmatched customer satisfaction and suggest to you the medicines that are suitable as per your current condition. Our healthcare professionals prescribe you the apt dose and recommend following the medicine course to make the most of improved health. Our aim is to spread smiles and enhance the well-being of people with our little contribution to healthcare. 

Safety of User Account Details

We understand that customer details are important and must be protected to curb illegal activities. We try our level best to keep the users’ valuable information safe and never share it with third parties. Maintaining the records of customers should be the duty of any organization that signifies the trust of the brand. Our online pharmacy considers the information of the customers’ valuable assets. We have a team that constantly works to ensure customers’ data remains safe and prevents harmful activities. The sheer professionalism is adhered to take care of details such as payment details, username, email, contact, address, etc. 


All the users of Online Pharmaz are requested to provide correct details in order to receive orders within the stipulated time at your doorstep. The necessary information you need to provide at the time of registration includes email ID, contact details, address, and personal details. The submission of these details will allow you to go ahead with your orders and place them without any hassle. As you put these details into the system, they will automatically get stored in the website database. 

Eligibility to use

The eligibility of using our websites depends on the condition that you must be 18 years of age or above. You must remember that your details are your identity and falsifying wrong information can waste your valuable time. Keep it simple and secured from your end for smooth functioning. To avoid the discrepancies of any details, we take the accountability to take appropriate or necessary measures. 

Disclaimer: limitation of liability

All the information, products, and services listed on the website Online Pharmaz are authentic and exactly according to the mentioned details here. We disclaim warranties of any kind allowed by the applicable law. takes no responsibility for any damages or viruses as a result of your use, access, or browsing. During the browsing or using, if any of your computer equipment or any property gets damaged, we are not liable for that. 

Sale of Drugs without Prescription

Customers do not need to panic about the quality of medications sold at Online Pharmaz. We sell drugs with a prescription except a few that will be available to you over the counter for the treatment of common diseases that include headache, syrups, fever, and cold. Ensure you have a written prescription with you before you make up your mind to place orders from our website. 

Contact us

If you come across any problem pertaining to logging, accessing, configuring into your account, you can get 24*7 support from our team and you can place, return, or cancel your order at any time. You can reach out to our customer support team via email or the customer care number mentioned on the website.

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