Online Pharmaz is aware of the medical needs of the customers and knows how to keep up with customers’ beneficiaries. The price of the medication may change at the time of its purchase. The cost of the medicine during your purchase from online pharmaz will be taken as the final cost. Your ordered price will change as a result of making a change to the quantity or dosage. Remember that Online Pharmaz is not associated with any dispensary and owns this online pharmacy completely. We do not support the resale of the products and the medications sold through Online Pharmaz are prescribed to the patient. Using it unnecessarily or sharing the medicine with the third person could result in health implications. 

Online Pharmaz does not take any responsibility for any legal implications resulting from the buyers’ end nor will we place importance on any step to rectify the same. The information on the website is updated to impart knowledge to users which should not be considered as medical advice or should not be implemented under any circumstances unless your doctor approves. We strongly recommend you to contact a healthcare professional and share your medical condition prior to buying or using any medicine of Online Pharmaz. 

We are not responsible if any individual experiences a change in their health as a result of taking the drug. The information on our website can guide you to stay informed about the health situation but does not eradicate the cause. You can contact us at the address to know more about the details. In case of any emergency, you can call the number mentioned or visit the nearest healthcare center to get immediate treatment.


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