Due to rise in COVID-19 cases, your order could be slightly delayed. It can take 8-10 Days. We are Putting maximum efforts to ensure it reaches you as soon as possible.

Delivery information

Delivery information calls for your personal details such as shipping address, contact details, customer’s name, delivery time & date, etc. This information is important for orders to be delivered to the right place. Delivery information also includes other additional information that includes quantity, date & time of the placed orders, etc.

Order processing and delivery time

Payment is to be initiated by the customer once he/she confirms receiving the order. Customers will be notified via mail or text upon receiving the payment. Once the confirmation of the order is done, tracking information will be sent to you within 24-48 hours to check the current status of your order. The delivery of the order might take 3-5 working days and might exceed the days in rare cases if the postal services of the area are distant and not easily accessible.

Packaging of Orders

Order Packaging can be defined by using different methods for the packaging of different orders. In case of fragile products or products that are vulnerable to spill, we meticulously perform the task and take all possible precautions to curb any damage to the placed order. We pay attention to the quality of the product and keep it intact throughout the transportation so that it reaches the customers in optimal condition.

Undelivered Orders

The order will be considered as undelivered if the recipient is not available, package is damaged, refusal for acceptance of the order, delivery is different, or if nobody from the family is present to receive the order. The order is eventually returned to us if, despite multiple efforts, the order fails to reach the customers.

Contact us

You can contact us if the case is different with you such as delayed orders, non-refund of order fee, or order cancellation. In any of these situations or even if you want to contact us to know the other details of the product, you are advised to be in touch with our customer service center.

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