Every customer expects to get better when it comes to comparison and keeping this in mind, we have designed this unique platform for the growing medical needs of customers. It is a place wherein you can buy a wide range of medicines at affordable prices with the quality intact. As a specialized service provider and information provider in the healthcare sector, we understand, plan, execute and then offer you the medical solutions that successfully put a curb on your disturbed well-being. We are the best at delivering the medicines at your doorsteps on time.

Information Collected

All the information collected from users is saved on the web servers that are used to buy or place orders uninterruptedly. The use of this information is also done to notify customers about the latest deals, discounts, promotions, and offers that Online pharmaz come up with.       

Use Of Cookies

The information collected from users is stored in small files called cookies. Cookies remember the information about your visit and make the site more useful for you in the future. To fully use the information or our services, you are recommended to accept cookies by changing your computer setting, otherwise, the website may not perform optimally. 

Links To Third Parties

Our website may have some pages with information that may redirect you to other websites. Remember that these websites have no association and are not bound with Online Pharmaz. Pay attention to details at the time of filling any form on the website and provide the suggested details only. Such links or websites may ask for your information so, be careful. 

Security Of Information

We use the latest encryption techniques to safeguard the information of our customers. Customers’ details are our first priority and we take every possible measure to keep it safe. We strictly follow the guidelines imposed by the state’s legally governing agencies and work accordingly. We have a copyright of all the information mentioned here that should not be sold or shared with third parties via any other source. 

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