Online pharmaz profoundly works for the improved well-being of individuals and ensures they experience a better online shopping experience as compared to previous years. We strive for improvement with each passing day in our medical healthcare system with quality medicines and useful information through our updates. We retain the reliance of customers with immaculate service and offer a wide range of medicine to cater to their health needs.

We take all precautionary measures to keep the health of individuals optimal through our range of medications. Our goal is to enhance health and make the lives of people worth living. With a variety of anti-anxiety, pain-relieving, and sexual power medicines, we open avenues of quality and happy life.

We leave no stone unturned to keep our customers satisfied with effective health products and help them redefine life. From the beginning to where we are today, it is just because of continued efforts towards improved healthcare services. We strive to stand out in the competition in terms of quality, efficiency, improvement, and promises. Throughout the processing of products and clinical trials, we make sure that all our medicines live up to the expectation and bring significant improvement in the health of individuals. Despite the flawless efforts, if we fail to serve you as per your needs, we can go ahead with your refund request based on some conditions.

To be sure about the authenticity of a return request, we will ask you to share pictures of damaged products and upon verification, we will approve the return request and process the refunding followed by generating your payment.

How To Be Eligible For A Refund?

We provide a hassle-free refund policy to make the process easier for our customers. Our aim is to ensure convenience and offer the best online shopping experience to our customers.

  • If the delivery is delayed and takes more than 15-20 days, you have the right to get your refund.
  • You will receive your refund without any hassle if the ordered items are printed with an expiry date.
  • If your order does not reach your address or the ordered items fall short in the quantity, you may submit your request for return.
  • If your ordered items are damaged or broken, we will check to be sure that the product has a defect and process your refund as per the condition of the broken pills.

Note: Refund amount will be credited to the account after deducting the amount of shipping from both sides, cost of processing fees, and medicines consumed.

Your request can be approved depending on how you had ordered the product. If you are opting for the payment of net banking/credit/debit card, you will have to wait for 10 to 15 days and check if the amount is credited to your account. The paid amount will be refunded to your account within business working days as mentioned above. Online Pharmaz takes every initiative for the convenience of its customers and strives to make the payment process easier than ever. If your mode of payment is cash on delivery, you can expect to receive your returns fast that will be credited directly to your registered bank account.

How To Request A Refund?

Request for a refund does not entail a long process and does not keep you waiting. It is an easy process with some simple steps, you have to start with writing an email with your order details and follow the link below “Returns”. Your email should have valid reasons as to why you are initiating refunds such as bill number, order number, address, or why you wish to return the order.

Our entire team is devoted to serving customers with the best facilities and working on all aspects to keep them contented and happy. Customers’ support and feedback help us come out with effective solutions for the future. If the need arises, we implement strategies to make things easy and useful, making necessary changes to the services simultaneously.

Our support team put in efforts in all possible ways, from delivering products to making their services worthwhile, a lot is infused into the process. We have grown over the years, keeping customers’ perceptions at the forefront.  If you have any complaints, queries, or refunds request, you can contact us 24*7. Onlinepharmas prioritizes your return or refund request even if things are flawless from our end. If you want to know comprehensively about this policy, you can call us directly anytime.

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